Étui de transport pour PS VR2
Étui de transport pour PS VR2
Étui de transport pour PS VR2
Étui de transport pour PS VR2
Étui de transport pour PS VR2
Étui de transport pour PS VR2
Étui de transport pour PS VR2
Étui de transport pour PS VR2
Étui de transport pour PS VR2
Étui de transport pour PS VR2
Étui de transport pour PS VR2
Étui de transport pour PS VR2
Étui de transport pour PS VR2
Étui de transport pour PS VR2

Étui de transport pour PS VR2

Prix ​​de vente$39.99 USD Prix ​​habituel$49.99 USD
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  • 【Excellente protection】 L'étui portable est fabriqué en matériau EVA durable et est compatible avec les accessoires PS VR2. Cette coque rigide en EVA est non seulement élégante mais également résistante à l'usure et aux chocs, protégeant efficacement vos écouteurs/contrôleurs PS VR2 contre l'écrasement ou la déformation.
  • 【Espace de stockage extra large】Contrairement aux boîtes de stockage traditionnelles qui ne peuvent accueillir que des écouteurs et des contrôleurs PS VR2, la boîte de stockage ANNAPRO PS VR2 dispose d'un espace de stockage supplémentaire pour d'autres accessoires VR, tels que les contrôleurs de console PS5, Écouteurs PS5, câbles de chargement, prises, etc. En gardant votre équipement de jeu organisé et bien rangé, vous pouvez créer l'expérience de jeu virtuel ultime.
  • 【Meilleur stockage】Le boîtier portable PS VR2 est doté de rainures en mousse EVA qui maintiennent solidement le casque/contrôleurs VR et autres accessoires en place. Le stockage en couches donne non seulement à l'intérieur du boîtier un aspect propre et bien rangé, mais empêche également les accessoires PS VR2 de frotter et de se rayer les uns les autres.
  • 【Accessoires pratiques】L'étui PS VR2 est doté d'une poche zippée intégrée pour ranger les câbles, les fiches, etc. De plus, l'étui de transport est livré avec deux attaches zippées pour organiser les câbles, évitant ainsi les dégâts et les enchevêtrements. . Il existe également une poche en filet pour ranger en toute sécurité vos contrôleurs VR, en garantissant qu'ils ne se mélangent pas avec d'autres objets.
  • 【Étui de transport】L'étui de transport rigide PS VR2 est livré avec une poignée confortable et deux fermetures éclair pour une utilisation plus facile. Le boîtier a une apparence lisse et élégante, tandis que l'intérieur est compact, économisant ainsi un espace précieux. Vous pouvez transporter sans effort votre équipement PS VR2 avec vous lorsque vous voyagez.
    • 【Remarque】Ce produit n'inclut pas le casque/contrôleur PS VR2 ni les autres accessoires qui apparaissent sur l'image.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Cameron Mitchell Parker
    Awesome Protective PS Case

    I purchased this ANNAPRO Portable Travel Case for PlayStation as a birthday gift for my god-nephew, and he absolutely loves it! He was pleasantly surprised that I got him the right thing, and he finds it capable of carrying all his essential gear. The case itself is sturdy and durable, providing excellent protection with its well-designed pre-formed molds. Although there may be a new PlayStation version released in the future that won't fit this case, for now, it works perfectly and looks fantastic. Overall, this case has helped me become the favorite uncle (at least for the day), and I highly recommend it. 5 stars!

    Mark Blethen
    Nice to have but expensive

    This storage case is a welcomed improvement over the size of the original PSVR box, making it much more convenient to store. I appreciate its functionality, but I do find it to be a bit pricey.


    Most of if not all the reviews are free product reviews but it is still a decent case. I paid $33 usd for it.

    Great for the price

    Fits snugly. You will need to follow the directions. I doubt that it’s water proof, prob get a Pelican case and cut the foam yourself if you actually need that.

    Jon J.
    Nice case, a little pricey

    This case seems very durable on the exterior and the inside has a very soft lining. The lens covers don't really secure onto anything, so would probably go with an alternative if that is a selling point for you. Everything fits well, but figuring out where the cord goes took some work. I ended up looping it up to the top and storing the cord in the pocket built into the top of the case. Everything (including the controls) fit just fine without having to force anything.

    sauron wang
    QUality as described

    I really like the new case, which is perfectly compatible with PSVR 2. The surface is made of advanced wear-resistant waterproof fabric and hard shell protection layer. Inside is plush cushioning cotton, comfortable to touch and protect your headset of Playstation VR2, controller and other accessories. The equipped shoulder strap and handle are convenient for you to carry in many ways.

    Elodily w.
    excellent protection

    This carrying case is the perfect solution to transport my PSVR2 headset and accessories.
    It has the separate storage compartments. The hard shell has enough space to be compatible with other accessories such as VR headset for PS VR2, touch controller and charging cable or game headset. The mesh pocket is suitable for storing accessories for PSVR2, such as charging cable and power adapter. The large storage space allows to carry all VR accessories.
    It is waterproof, anti-scratch and non-deformable design. It Wrapped with high-quality waterproof oxford cloth, the outer fabric is waterproof, dustproof and anti-scratch, also it is hard enough to maintain its shape and prevent the headset from being damaged due to the deformation of the carrying case.
    I also love the fact that this carrying case comes with both a handle and detachable shoulder strap. This makes it very convenient to carry around and transport your PSVR2 headset and accessories. The built-in buffer cotton can keep the headset safe during movement.
    In addition to the carrying case itself, it also provides some useful accessories that come along with it. These include an adjustable shoulder strap, a VR lens protective cover, a cleaning cloth.
    This case is well-designed, sturdy, and provides excellent protection for the PSVR2 headset and accessories.

    Works OK For Storage of my PSVR2

    I ordered this case for one thing and one thing only, A place to store my PSVR2 when not in use. Don’t plan on traveling with it but wanted a safe place to store away my system when it is not in use. All my items fit fine and are protected when not in use. Would like a little softer material on the interior of the case, Feels cheap inside. I received this case as part of the Vine reviewing program and while it does what I need it to do if I had bought this to use as a travel case I would have been pretty disappointed in it and would probably return it. As I said I only wanted it to put my stuff in and put on a shelf when not in use so it works ok for that.

    Good for home use.No crush protection.

    No instructions and at first it appears nothing fits. Controllers go in first, with the stick going into the cutouts at left and right. The scope has to be fully extended to make everything fit. Be sure to straighten out the light shield so it doesn’t get crushed and damaged.

    Inaniel flores
    Nice to have but expensive

    An improvement on the size of the original box that comes with the psvr. Definitely able to store it away easier. I like it but it's a bit expensive.