ANNAPRO Vision pro comfort support headstrap
Pressure-Reducing Comfort Head Strap for Apple Vision Pro
Pressure-Reducing Comfort Head Strap for Apple Vision Pro
ANNAPRO Vision pro comfort support headstrap
ANNAPRO Vision pro comfort support headstrap
ANNAPRO Vision pro comfort support headstrap
ANNAPRO Vision pro comfort support headstrap

Correa cómoda para la cabeza que reduce la presión para Apple Vision Pro (órdenes de envío en secuencia)

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• Comodidad sin precedentes: el material suave de alta tecnología y el diseño de la suspensión se adaptan perfectamente a la curva de la cabeza del usuario, y la estructura es liviana y combina perfectamente con Vision Pro. Úselo durante mucho tiempo sin presión, estable y sin temblores, disfrútelo y experimente una comodidad incomparable y una experiencia inmersiva.
• Comodidad facial sin presión: La correa para la cabeza ANNAPRO A1, diseñada específicamente para Vision Pro, utiliza un principio de construcción estilo casco para aliviar eficazmente 60%-90% de la presión sobre los pómulos faciales y alrededor de los ojos.
• Ajuste personalizable: el paquete incluye 2 cómodas almohadillas de esponja de diferentes grosores para elegir (grosor 10 mm/15 mm), que se adaptan perfectamente a personas con diferentes formas de cabeza y disfrutan de una experiencia cómoda de uso.
• Instalación rápida sin daños: Nuestro producto ofrece una instalación rápida y segura, y la instalación no dañará los accesorios originales. Después de quitar el botón oficial de la correa para la cabeza de Vision Pro, presione la alineación izquierda y derecha de nuestra correa para la cabeza en los lados izquierdo y derecho de Vision Pro hasta el fondo para completar la instalación.
• Diseño patentado: ANNAPRO diseñó especialmente la correa para la cabeza para Vision Pro, que resuelve perfectamente el problema de la comodidad de uso de Vision Pro. Proporciona servicio de garantía de dos años. También es la mejor opción para regalar.

ANNAPRO Vision pro comfort support headstrap
Pressure-Reducing Comfort Head Strap for Apple Vision ProPressure-Reducing Comfort Head Strap for Apple Vision Pro
Pressure-Reducing Comfort Head Strap for Apple Vision ProPressure-Reducing Comfort Head Strap for Apple Vision ProANNAPRO Vision pro comfort support headstrapPressure-Reducing Comfort Head Strap for Apple Vision ProANNAPRO Vision pro comfort support headstrap

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A Story with Emily Olman

Emily Olman, CEO of Hopscotch Interactive, was reported by the New York Post that she suffered two “superdark black eyes” after wearing the Vision Pro for the first time.

Upon learning of her issue, our product team promptly reached out to Emily and mailed her a sample unit. Let's hear what's her experience and feedback after using this comfort head strap.

Born From Community

ANNAPRO was born from the community and will continue to thrive with the community. We came together from all corners of the world with a single purpose: to build something that improves our daily lives, even in small ways.

What They Say

This is really something I think Apple should have shipped the Vision Pro with, it certainly allows for more flexibility and a solution for folks who just don't like that pressure on your face.


I can immediately tell I think I'm going to like this, being able to use the stock strap and this forehead mount here to allow this to float right in my vision, this feels really nice.


I actually feel a HUGE improvement, I would say if you wear it without the light shield and you're able to adjust it, it takes almost all of the weight off, maybe 80%.


In my opinion, this is a must-have accessory for Apple Vision Pro. Now there is no pressure on the face at all. I was able to use Apple Vision Pro for more than an hour without taking it off.


I even tried it without the seal feels more like the magic leap. If your wearing it for more then 30-40mins this is def worth ponying up for!


This is definitely a good quality and durable headstrap and I would definitely recommend it. I use my VP to watch movies and this is the first time ever I am able to watch 3 hour movies without any interruption.


As primeiras impressões são boas, e é como eu falei: o produto mais formatado que eu já viser lançado aqui para resolver esse que talvez seja um dos grandes pontos negativos dessa primeira geração do Apple Vision Pro.


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Customer Reviews

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Guy C

I received my head scrap today 5/18 (ordered 5/3). The earlier units are shipping from China, so they’ll take a little longer to arrive. Don’t worry, though, they are being shipped. Anyway, the unit is fantastic and does seem to really help displace some of the weight off your face. For me, my cheeks hurt with the solo strap and I looked like I had been wearing a swim mask after watching a movie. I haven’t worn it long enough yet to really appreciate the difference, but I can feel it immediately. A large part of the weight is transferred to the forehead (in a different and more comfortable manner than the double strap). It looks great and holds in place very well. It looks like something Apple might have included in the box with the AVP. The black pads would benefit a bit from a material more like the light shield / AirPod Max uses, but I’m sure that would also drive up the price. I’m using the 10mm pad. The strap slides in place in seconds. This is definitely a keeper and I’m glad I got it. I recommend it. BTW, I also bought a similar 3D-printed unit off Etsy and it is also good, though not as professional. That unit tends to come apart and slide around a bit. This is definitely a nice design. For the price, it’s a great value and worth trying. I really like my AVP, though it’s uncomfortable to wear. This really does seem to help.

Like a glove

I have been using it for about an hour, and I love it! The secondary supplied 10mm pad (which feels thinner when compressed) fits my head and works seamlessly with my light seal (33W). Now the Vision Pro fits like a glove on my head with weight distributed more evenly (not just on my cheekbones like before). I love how this strap also doubles as a grip/handle for picking up the avp from a table or setting it down somewhere; it makes the unit as a whole feel much more sturdy, and I find it easier to handle than before because I can grab it safely by this strap- awesome! At $35, this is truly a great value considering how expensive all the OEM stuff is. Definitely recommending this to all my friends that have a Vision Pro :)

Nearly Perfect

The strap works as advertised, and the padding seems to be high quality. My only complaint is that my 25W light seal sometimes gets detached from the Vision Pro while using this head strap. The strap makes the side bands thicker by only a few millimeters, but that's just enough thickness to squeeze the light seal a little and cause the light seal to regularly detach from the device. I think it's a solvable problem, though. If the plastic on the head strap where it touches the light seal was tapered just a little bit, this wouldn't be a problem. You can also use the device without any light seal at all, but I find that gives me too much glare if there's any sunlight coming into the room. Other than that, this head strap seems to deliver. I haven't tried using it for hours on end, but it feels like it would be no problem.

Dick Schmoekel
Great product!!

I had been following this Head Strap product since its launch on Reddit as a potential for my Vision Pro. I got my VP three weeks ago and in the first few days I noticed the facial pressure issues and also developed a blister on the bridge of my nose. I wear the VP 4-5 hours per day so I immediately ordered this head strap based on the comments on Reddit and the reviews I saw. It arrived earlier this week and I couldn’t be happier. It solved the pressure issues and provides the lift I needed of my nose. I have used, and continue to use, the single strap. I did need to recalibrate my eyes but I am very happy with this excellent solution👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Christopher Adams
nice simple and just works!

Have to say rather nice.. !

Completely changes the comfort game!!

This completely changes the game. With the Annapro 14 my Apple Vision Pro is much more comfortable!
I no longer need to use the dual loop to take the pressure off my face.
This makes the AVP comfortable for hours of wear at a time.

David B Quinn
Works great!

This is the best AVP strap modification I have found yet! I have tried half a dozen! Best by far!

Victor Salgado
Great design and quality but it does not fit with my light seal

Maybe it is because I have a big head (XL), but the product is fantastic. Now I am using it without the light seal.

Anna Pro
Pressure on the face? Problem solved.

Quality product! Solves the issue of unbalanced weight of the AVP.

Wagner Sodre
Game changer!

I can say I’ve been waiting for something like this for quite a while and I’m glad I waited. This accessory looks and feels premium, from packaging to ease of use. It has a sturdy and snug fit on the AVP. I like that you get two additional Velcro pads for the forehead piece. I don’t get a lot of warnings from AVP about the eye distance to the device. Also, I love that you can wear with or without the light seal! Overall, excellent (if not the best!) accessory!