Three Major Shooting Games on the PS5 Console

Three Major Shooting Games on the PS5 Console

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Three Major Shooting Games on the PS5 Console: Compensating for the Lack of Advanced Technology with Impressive Visuals.

When it comes to the three major shooting games on the PS5 console, the first one that comes to mind for game toy reviewers is Sniper Elite 5, followed by the remastered version of Dead Space and the remastered edition of Resident Evil 4. These games boast impressive visuals on the PS5, compensating for any technical shortcomings. Can't beat you? Can't I simply enjoy the visuals?

Sniper Elite 5, the core of this series lies in its sniper elements, particularly the thrilling plot of thwarting Hitler. Sniper Elite 5 has undergone significant reforms compared to its previous four installments, making it a favorite among many. The campfire near the lakeside villa, in particular, offers an exhilarating visual experience. 

Dead Space Remastered, as a third-person shooter horror game, consists of three installments. However, game toy reviewers recommend playing the first installment because it is enjoyable. Additionally, the first installment has been remastered and offers the best visuals, with optimized and easier-to-understand 3D maps. One downside of this game is the prevalence of red blood splatters, which may not be suitable for players with red color phobia or those who are easily frightened.

Resident Evil 4 Remake, as a highly anticipated game released in March 2023, has raised the bar with its remastered version. If it weren't for the releases of games like The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom of Tears, Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart, and Final Fantasy XVI in the first half of the year, Resident Evil 4 Remake would undoubtedly be the hottest game on the PS5 in 2023. Unfortunately, launching in a year with numerous blockbuster releases makes it challenging for the game to win awards. However, this doesn't hinder the game's sales, as it has gained immense popularity. Many people bought the PS5 specifically to play Resident Evil 4 Remake, primarily due to the superior control provided by the gamepad compared to keyboard and mouse. The immersive vibration feedback, in particular, is incredibly strong, showcasing Sony's excellent attention to detail in optimizing shooting games.


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