Latest Leak about Meta Quest

Latest Leak about Meta Quest

New Leak about Quest 3: 8GB of RAM, Display Resolution of 4 Million Pixels + 18 PPD (Pixels Per Degree)

(From Nweon, September 25, 2023) Despite Meta Quest 3's full unveiling scheduled for September 27th in local time in the United States, the community continues to release specifications of this device. According to Reddit, the Quest 3 will have 8GB of RAM. For comparison, Quest 2 had 6GB of RAM, while Meta Quest Pro had 12GB of RAM. Additionally, the display's Pixels Per Degree (PPD) will be 18.
Some internet users claim to have obtained early access to Meta's official promotional materials, as shown in the above image. Of course, most of the information mentioned above is already known. However, the single sheet mentions the memory information of Quest 3, as well as the perspective PPD.
Among them, this device has 8GB of memory. In comparison, Meta Quest 2 has 6GB of memory, while Meta Quest Pro has 12GB of memory.
Another previously unknown detail is that the PPD is 18. The specified value most likely refers to the PPD of the perspective experience, rather than the PPD of the display, especially since the specification is listed next to the perspective camera resolution (4 MP). As a clarification, PPD describes the pixel density associated with the field of view. A higher number is better.
An 18 PPD perspective will be very close to the display PPD of Quest 3. Official information indicates that Quest 2 has a display PPD of 20, Quest Pro has a display PPD of 22, and Quest 3's display PPD will surpass both of these devices as it offers higher resolution while maintaining the same field of view.
Of course, none of the above has been officially confirmed yet. However, with the conference scheduled to take place on September 27th in local time, it is expected that we will soon know the answers.

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