Felt Case for Meta Quest 2
Felt Case for Meta Quest 2
Felt Case for Meta Quest 2
Felt Case for Meta Quest 2
Felt Case for Meta Quest 2
Felt Case for Meta Quest 2
Felt Case for Meta Quest 2
Felt Case for Meta Quest 2
Felt Case for Meta Quest 2

Felt Case for Meta Quest 2

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  • 【High-Quality Environmentally-Friendly Material】High-quality odorless felt, without glue compounding, green environmental protection material.
  • 【Lightweight Material】One-piece molded felt shell, lightweight texture, making your travel lighter, simpler, and more relaxed.
  • 【Exclusive Customization】Original design, patented private mold (exclusive customization, streamlined package type, minimalist and outstanding, using one-piece molding process).
  • 【Shockproof and Drop-resistant】Hard shell protection, effectively resists pressure and drops (selected high-quality felt, hot-pressed, shockproof and drop-resistant).
  • 【Soft and Delicate Protection】Crystal ultra-soft lining, creating an anti-shock space, reducing shock and scratch.
  • 【Independent Exclusive Space】Multiple independent exclusive areas inside, tailored for Oculus Quest 2 accessories.
  • 【Independent Exclusive Slot】Precise lining, independent exclusive slot, neat and drop-resistant, preventing scratches, abrasions, and damage.
  • 【Anti-slip Protection】The groove is not easy to move, providing anti-slip protection.
  • 【Anti-slip Double Zipper Design】Anti-slip double zipper, with better sealing and safety, making your use smoother.
  • 【Personalized Design】Hand-held design, making your travel more delicate and stylish.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Christopher Michael Peterson
Good little case

I like that it's hard enough to keep the Oculus safe but it could be just a little bit wider. Since the power button is on the side of the head set, when you zip up the case it sometimes pushes on the button and turns it on.

Orlando Perrone
Awesome case...

It securely holds my Quest 2 without any issues, making it ideal for when I want to take it on the go. The case feels strong and durable, giving me confidence that it will protect my headset. While I don't plan on testing its durability by throwing it off the Empire State Building, I believe it would likely survive such an extreme scenario. In fact, it feels substantial enough that I might even consider using it as a makeshift weapon for self-defense in case of an unlikely attack. However, I'd rather not put that to the test and prefer to focus on its simple functionality: put the VR headset inside, zip it up, and you're good to go.

At last, a case that perfectly accommodates headset upgrades!

I am delighted to hear that you are enjoying VR for various activities, from movies to games. It's only natural to seek a more comfortable VR experience, which led you to make several upgrades to your Quest 2, such as extended batteries, an anti-fog fan, and a deluxe head strap. However, the downside was losing the ability to use the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hard case for transporting and storing your device.

Fortunately, you discovered this case that can accommodate all of your upgrades without the need to remove them. It even provides additional space for other items and has a zippered netted pocket. While the case is universal, it securely fits your Quest 2 headset, with the controls fitting inside the void of the headset. This makes it ideal for storage purposes, which is primarily how you use it. Although the case has a locking strap for securing the headset, it's advisable to use extra packing materials like bubble wrap to prevent the controllers from moving around during travel, as there isn't a dedicated space for them.

In terms of rigidity, the case is satisfactory, but it's not recommended to place heavy items on top of it, as it does have some flexibility. Overall, the case excels in providing convenient storage and transport rather than offering ultimate protection against external events like accidental drops.

All in all, it's a fantastic solution for storing your upgraded headset and accessories until your next use. It brings you peace of mind, knowing that unexpected visitors like random insects won't crawl out of the headset during your VR experiences (lol).

The components all fit inside the case, but they are somewhat disorganized and mixed together.

My daughter was not pleased with the loose fit of the controllers and wires in the case. While the headset fits securely in its designated spot, the other items in the case tend to knock together in the other half. Personally, I find that everything fits snugly enough and it doesn't bother me, but my daughter was disappointed and concerned about it. As a result, she doesn't use this case very often.

The parts all fit, but are a little jumbled in there

My daughter did not like how the controllers and wires just have to be set in loosely. The headset fits in its spot well, but the rest of the items are in the other half just knocking together. Everything fits snugly enough that I don't really think it's an issue, but my daughter was disappointed and worried about it so she doesn't really use this case that much.

Nice case, but tight if you have large headstrap

I have a 3rd party head strap and it was mentioned this case works. It didn't for me without forcefully closing the case and bending the plastic head strap. But if I had a strap that was compatible, this was a nice hard case. Felt good inside and outside, and I wish it worked out for me.

Bryan Moser
Great value... for the price

So I have a meta quest 2 and an adapter w/battery pack. I was flying back home for the holidays and wanted something sturdy that I could pack my MQ2 in. First the positives. The case has a hard shell, strap that can extend to go across the chest, and it fits all items. It even has extra storage for cables, etc..
So why a 4* and not a 5*?
The bottom and sides are hardshell, the front is left to whatever smashes it. Also the size is a little small with the adapter. While the bottom is formed nicely for the items, the top is a "smash it in to get it closed" type thing. Suck it in to zip it up. The carrying strap has no comfort to it what-so-ever. And with he headset in, the "pockets" for added storage, are more for looks than function. Wires yes, anything else, probably easier to just use your pockets.

Overall product was fine, MQ2 traveled easily, the case does what it is designed for and the price was nice

Karen Kvasnicka
Oculus 2 hard case

Very good case as described. Nice to travel with fits everything. Will recommend

sharon Border, Greg Stokes
Sturdy and lightweight

Holds your VR unit and controllers safely and easily. It’s lightweight yet rugged enough to take on family trips without worrying about damaging the unit. Well worth the extra money.

Fits normal headset

I got this because it said it would fit with an elite strap but it didn't with mine. Not too much of a problem as I just would disassemble and carry it in a backpack.