Stoßfeste Umhängetasche für Steam Deck / Nintendo Switch
Stoßfeste Umhängetasche für Steam Deck / Nintendo Switch
Stoßfeste Umhängetasche für Steam Deck / Nintendo Switch
Stoßfeste Umhängetasche für Steam Deck / Nintendo Switch
Stoßfeste Umhängetasche für Steam Deck / Nintendo Switch
Stoßfeste Umhängetasche für Steam Deck / Nintendo Switch
Stoßfeste Umhängetasche für Steam Deck / Nintendo Switch
Stoßfeste Umhängetasche für Steam Deck / Nintendo Switch
Stoßfeste Umhängetasche für Steam Deck / Nintendo Switch
Stoßfeste Umhängetasche für Steam Deck / Nintendo Switch
Stoßfeste Umhängetasche für Steam Deck / Nintendo Switch

Stoßfeste Umhängetasche für Steam Deck / Nintendo Switch

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  • 【Stoßfest und verschleißfest】Die robuste und stoßfeste 3D-Hartschale kann Ihr Gerät und Zubehör effektiv schützen.
  • 【Weiches Futterdesign】Das weiche Innenfutter kann wiederum eine Rolle bei der Stoßdämpfung spielen und Abnutzung und Kratzer wirksam verhindern.
  • Das robuste und stilvolle Innenraumdesign macht die Aufbewahrung sicherer und ordentlicher.
  • 【Unabhängiges exklusives Raumdesign】Das robuste und stilvolle Innenraumdesign macht die Aufbewahrung sicherer und ordentlicher.
  • 【Externer Kopfhöreranschluss】An der Seite der Tasche befindet sich ein Kopfhöreranschluss, mit dem Sie jederzeit und überall aufladen, Anrufe tätigen und Musik hören können. Das benutzerfreundliche Design macht Ihre Reise noch angenehmer.
  • 【Atmungsaktives Rückendesign】Die Rückseite ist aus schweißfestem und atmungsaktivem Material gefertigt, sodass Sie auch im heißen Sommer ein kühles und angenehmes Gefühl genießen können.
    • 【Verstellbarer Schultergurt】Mit dem verstellbaren Schultergurt können Sie ganz einfach die bequemste Tragegröße und -position einstellen.
    • 【Cooles und stilvolles Design】Die Steam Deck/Switch-Umhängetasche hat einen ausgeprägten Sinn für Technologie und einen coolen und stilvollen Stil. Wenn Sie es ausführen, können Sie die umwerfendste Präsenz erzielen.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Amazing bag, comfortable, with extra space.

    I was abit skeptical about this bag, I've read many reviews saying that it's too tight and you can barely fit the Steam Deck in it, but I had to check it out.
    It arrived after over a week and I gotta say that it's the perfect bag for the Steam Deck.
    it's comfortable, protective and it has SO much space, I've managed to fit my Steam Deck with it's JSaux ModCase, charger and Dock (USB Hub) short type C cable, HDMI cable, JSaux Fan, foldable Keyboard and mouse, earbuds and it's accessories, and there's alot more extra space, so if I'm going out with friends I could pack 2 extra controllers or if I'm going alone I can take a portable 11 inch monitor instead which I haven't tried yet since I just ordered it recently just for this bag, but I'm sure it will fit just fine.
    It's a compact bag and it's easy to pack.
    Quality might not be the best but it's not an issue for me as long as it's taking everything I need.
    10/10, MUST BUY!!

    So glad to hear you're digging the bag! It's awesome that it fits all your gear and then some. We're all about making sure you've got what you need for those gaming sessions with friends or solo adventures. Thanks a ton for the shoutout and for choosing ANNAPRO. Keep enjoying your gear and game on!

    Great bag but it could use a small outside pocket and a water bottle pouch

    This bag stores all you'll really need for tech, inside it I have:
    Pocket 1 on back: Steamdeck or switch depending on the day
    Elastic Strap on pocket 1: 6" Kindle 2022
    Pocket 2 on back: 10k mAh power bank, flat folding usb wall charger, 6 ft usb cable, 1ft hdmi cable, and 1ft usb c cable
    Pocket 3 on front: 10.5" portable display
    Pocket 4 on pocket 3: portable folding bt keyboard
    Pocket 5 on pocket 3: bt mouse
    Pocket 6 above pocket 3) earbuds and folding spork
    In the center: Usb C charging/hdmi/ethernet/m.2 ssd steamdeck dock, small first aid kit, controller

    It is a great bag that offers some protection to your gear with enough room to hold pretty much everything you could want short of a portable projector but it falls short in 2 kinda frustrating areas:
    1) It doesn't come with a drink pouch, but it does have some straps on the shoulder strap that pass for molle webbing so I was able to pay another $20 and get a drink pouch that attaches to the shoulder strap but ideally it would be on the side of the bag so the drink always pointed upwards and you could risk carrying a can and not just bottled drinks.
    2) The small pocket above pocket 3 on the front of the bag is a little too small and also I'd prefer it to have a zipper on the outside of the bag for frequently used items like snacks or a phone.

    Steam Deck EDC

    This sling is perfect for a Steam Deck and Every Day Carry! First, the Steam Deck does fit in the large pocket. If you have a protective case on it, the fit is kind of tight but not too the point of damaging the deck. As an extra precaution, I use a peice of cut-to-fit foam packing sheet (about a half inch thick) and 3D printed "stick savers" I found on Etsy. Why risk it?I also have a heavy duty 20000mah battery bank, a 15 foot USB-C cord, a 100w charger, a USB C/A splitter, a set of titanium chopsticks in their own case, hand sanatiser, a spyglass, 2 EDC lock blades, a 2-peice mount for the power bank (also sourced from Etsy), a flat USB-C cable for the power bank when it is mounted to the back of the Steam Deck, a 8.4 inch tablet (not pictured, but it does fit), a precision stylus and box of replacement nubs for the tablet, earbud wiered headphones (not pictured), and a USB-C joiner.I also use a zipper lock to secure the sling bag contents.All things said, this is an awesome peice of kit! It is now my daily driver bag. I looked and looked for a solution for taking my "essential stuff" with me when I am on the go. This bag didn't look bige enough for my needs, but I took a chance.Bonus: it is really easy to go through airport security checks. If there are questions, just unzip it and let them look... no problem! Everything is right there.I am totally satisfied! 11 out of 10, would buy again and defiantly would recomend to friends and family. AND I will be getting one for my partner when she gets her Steam Deck as a Deck warming gift!

    Great product

    This bag is absolutely fantastic in terms of its high quality and usefulness for protecting your "Steam Deck." However, I want to note that it is not compatible with the Asus ROG Ally. Regrettably, I will have to return it for that reason. Nevertheless, if you have a Steam Deck, it is definitely a worthwhile purchase. I just wish it was also suitable for the ROG Ally.

    L. Baker
    Good quality with it held a little more.

    This case is highly compact and provides excellent protection for your items inside. I personally use it for the ROG Ally, but I do wish there was room to also store my AR glasses. Nonetheless, it serves its purpose effectively.

    Nice hard case.

    Holds switch nicely. Secure as all get out, a little big being able to fit a steam deck. Strap is nice and zipper makes a waterproof seal. Hole in the bag for headphones makes it not waterproof though...

    Accessorize right and you just might have a fully portable PC on your hands!

    This carrying case was a life saver on a business trip I took last year, which allowed me to set up a full little workstation. The space for the deck is very well considered, and the pockets make it easy to organize.

    If you want a good mobile PC setup, this is what I paired with this case:

    - Valve's official Deck Dock (I was previously using a JSAUX docking station as well which was fine at first but had a big stand that made it too thick to easily get in with everything else. Valve's is thinner and the deck sits fine without the tall stand)

    - - A very small but surprisingly nice mouse

    - - A sturdy foldable keyboard that's a bit awkward to type on but undoubtedly fits the profile

    - - I generally don't go for earbuds, but if you need things in a compact spaces they can't be beat. These are really nice, though the CHU II recently launched just last week and those are a few bucks heaper so that might be even better. They come with a little wallet to store them in too, but they are a tad awkward to wrap back in. The wallet slides nicely into the pocket on the backside of this case

    And valve's official charger and it's fabric bag it came in also fit perfectly with the earbuds.

    Put all that in and you'll have a pretty thick bundle but it never feels like it's straining squeezing things too tight and the deck itself is always safe. My deck was actually better than my boss's laptop for certain tasks and the deck really is a capable little machine for getting a bit of work done.

    Raven Tawhara
    Wish it could hold more.

    I was able to use this case for my Steam Deck however, instead of putting my Switch in it I'm storing my accessories. My deck accessories such as charger, adapters, 2 cables, hard drive wireless earphones and tablet all fit. I wish it had more room as I do have more accessories I would have liked to fit in rather than carry in a seperate bag. My Samsung S5 tablet fits well but my S7 is too big. Overall, I'm satisfied with this case but may get something else as the market starts to expand for the Steam Deck.

    Small and Snug

    I know the video shows you how big it is but everything is extremely snug. I bought this to carry my iPad and Steamdeck to work but my iPad has a case on it. With the case, it’s very snug. So snug that it almost rips the pocket. The pockets are cloth so they do not stretch at all. The steamdeck is also very tight so if you had a case on yours it will not fit.

    I suggest to the creators to make an larger version that is the same but everything is scaled slightly larger to accommodate for cases. That or possibly make the pockets out of an elastic material so it stretches and things slide in and out easier.

    jamie tillett
    Tight, but it actually does fit!

    I've got a Spigen case on my deck, an Anker 737 battery and a few other goodies and it all fits. It's tight, and I was worried the joystick would be under pressure - but it's not, even zipped close there is room. Its rather more snug than I'd like though, and the Velcro straps are totally unnecessary. The battery pouch fits the 737 perfectly - amazing given how big that is.

    If the steamdeck pouch was just a touch bigger this would have been perfect, but I'm pretty confident my deck is nice and safe and the joystick won't be under pressure.

    Not bad. The other options looked a bit more customized for the deck, but I'm not sure their internal layout would have a good place for a big battery like the 737 and this does.