Which Brand of Handheld Gaming Console Is Good?

Which Brand of Handheld Gaming Console Is Good?

Which Handheld Gaming Consoles Are Recommended?

Gaming consoles come in various shapes and sizes. While the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X/S series are great for home gaming, they are not very portable. This is where handheld portable gaming consoles come into play. In recent years, portable gaming devices have gained popularity, with devices like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck helping to drive the gaming industry's growth.

Nowadays, gaming consoles are everywhere, and even Asus has introduced its own ROG Ally handheld gaming console. This gaming device will adopt popular features from devices like the Steam Deck and others that allow playing PC games in a portable form factor. According to new rumors, even Sony has started testing a new device.

Best Handheld Gaming Console

Sream Deck Handheld Console

The Steam Deck is one of the best and most versatile portable handheld gaming devices in 2023. It is powerful, capable, and has a wide-ranging library of compatible games. It supports many AAA games and can even play recent titles like the new Spider-Man game.

The Steam Deck is portable, but it is still a fairly large and bulky device. Despite its size, it is comfortable and enjoyable to play with. It features a 7-inch IPS high-definition display and expandable storage space. Size and power are not the only factors that make this device easy to recommend; it is also reasonably priced.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best gaming consoles on the market right now, and it is well-suited for most people. It offers the flexibility to play games on a large display at home or switch to handheld mode with its 6.2-inch screen when you're on the go.

Nintendo Switch OLED

The Nintendo Switch OLED edition is an enhanced version of the classic Switch. It replaces the screen with a larger OLED panel and features subtle hardware improvements, making it not only look and feel better but also more enjoyable.

Both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED are beloved by fans. Despite the aging hardware, they have been well optimized. It is still capable of playing all the great titles available for the Nintendo Switch, and the company continues to release new updates and games for its most popular device.

The Switch comes with all the beloved games that fans enjoy, including Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Animal Crossing, Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, and hundreds more. While the Switch isn't cheap, its price is still affordable. The Switch OLED offers a larger 7-inch OLED display, an improved kickstand, and better speakers.

Nintendo Switch LiteIf you have a limited budget or don't want to connect your console to a large-screen TV, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a great device. If your main focus is enjoying games on the go, the Lite is a good choice and comes at a more affordable price.

It offers a lower price point while still providing a rich game library. The Lite is powered by the same chip as the original version and has most of the same features. The only significant drawback is that the left and right controllers are not detachable, and the device cannot be connected to a TV. It is primarily designed to help you unwind during your travels.

Despite some limitations, its price makes it an appealing option and a good alternative. The Switch Lite is compatible with all Nintendo Switch games and offers a similar experience through the same user interface.

ROG Ally
The upcoming ASUS ROG Alliance is set to offer a similar experience to the Steam Deck, providing support for AAA games. It has been reported that the device will feature an AMD Ryzen 7 chip and deliver an immersive gaming experience.
The Steam Deck is our recommended choice for those looking to elevate their gaming to the next level. With its strong compatibility with hundreds of optimized games in the Steam library, it becomes the preferred option for Steam users. The device also allows for expandable storage and can be connected to large displays such as monitors or even TVs. It is a highly powerful machine and one of the best devices available today.


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