Some Common Features of Steam Dock FAQ

Some Common Features of Steam Dock FAQ

Some Common Features Of Steam Dock FAQ

A Steam dock is a product that streams Steam games from a PC to a TV or other device for gaming. It has some common features that may encounter some problems, including:
Connection problems
The Steam docking station needs to be connected to the PC, and if the connection is unstable or interrupted, the fluency and stability of the game will be affected.

Latency issues
Since games need to be streamed from a PC to a TV or other device, there may be delays that affect the gaming experience.

Pixelation and image quality issues
Since the game requires compression and transmission, there may be pixelation or image quality issues.

No access to certain games or apps
Some games or apps may not support Steam docking and therefore cannot be played on TV or other devices.

Audio problems
Sometimes there may be audio delay or audio asynchronism issues.

Processor and network requirements
The use of Steam docking requires a PC and network to meet certain requirements, if the PC or network is insufficient, it may affect the fluency and stability of the game.

In response to these problems, we have made the following optimization on the product technology of steam expansion Dock

Issues with connection and inability to access certain game apps
Our versatile 6-in-1 steam Docking converter is perfectly compatible and designed for Valve's Steam Deck, but it also supports other devices with USB-C ports, such as Nintendo Switch/iPad/ Samsung tablet /Android phone.

Questions about latency and processor network requirements
Our steam docking station uses a Gigabit Ethernet connection and can connect multiple USB devices at the same time up to 420MB/S, without worrying about game loading delays due to WIFI instability.

Regarding pixelation and picture quality and audio issues
Our steam dock supports HD simultaneous projection, which allows you to enjoy the game visual feast brought by 4K resolution and smooth 60fps picture quality.
Our steam Dock is not only lightweight and convenient, but also compatible with multiple operating systems such as Microsoft Windows/IOS/Android. And no drive, plug and play.


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