Apple Vision Pro Solution for Reducing Facial Pressure: The ANNAPRO Vision Pro Strap

Apple Vision Pro Solution for Reducing Facial Pressure: The ANNAPRO Vision Pro Strap

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After a few months on the market, the Apple Vision Pro has left some users feeling the pinch—literally. A report by Marketplace highlighted the discomfort early adopters have been facing, with Emily Olman, chief media officer at Hopscotch Interactive in Kensington, California, mentioning significant pressure on her cheeks, making the device less than comfortable to wear.

Trying 3D printing with the Apple Strap

Out of the box, Apple provides two headbands, a Solo Knit Band, and a Dual Loop Band. While these options should suit many, they don't fit all due to varying head and face shapes.


It's not just Emily Olman voicing discontent; many users on Reddit have echoed similar concerns about facial pressure. They, like many Quest users before them, have been on the lookout for third-party solutions. Though Apple officially offers two headband options, these haven't satisfied everyone's comfort needs. Most third-party solutions involve cheap 3D-printed materials that aren't sturdy, often breaking during use, potentially causing your $3500 AVP unit to fall and get damaged. Surely, there must be a better way?

Trying the ANNAPRO AVP Strap

The ANNAPRO Vision Pro Headstrap can reduce facial pressure by about 60%-90%, relieving stress on the forehead and cheekbones (finally, no more annoying facial pressure!). It offers a more comfortable and easy user experience.

ANNAPRO's solution, made through mold manufacturing with sturdier materials than 3D printing, includes a silicone inner lining that won’t scratch your AVP unit. Just add a headband, and choose your pairing:Solo Knit Band + ANNAPRO or Dual Loop Band + ANNAPRO. And if you prefer to remove the light seal for wearing, maybe the facial pressure could be reduced by up to 90%? Yes, the ANNAPRO Vision Pro Strap allows for wearing with or without the light seal, giving you more options.



Early User Feedback on the ANNAPRO Vision Pro Strap

After seeing the report by Marketplace, ANNAPRO reached out to Emily Olman and provided her with an ANNAPRO Vision Pro Strap. She preferred the combination of the Dual Loop Band + ANNAPRO, finding it to be her most comfortable solution yet. Removing the light seal, she almost felt no facial pressure and no more pressure over the bridge of her nose. She declared ANNAPRO the winner on her YouTube channel.


Himels Tech, after receiving an ANNAPRO headband, detailed his experiences on his YouTube channel. He mentioned how easy it was to install and remove. The comfort was unparalleled, and the option to remove the light seal offered even more comfort. Despite finding the Globular Cluster CMA1 comfortable, he preferred Apple's original headband. Overall, ANNAPRO's solution has been the best he's tried.



Brain Frey shared that although he loves the Apple Vision Pro, his biggest complaint was the significant facial pressure that made it uncomfortable. He reviewed the ANNAPRO Vision Pro Strap on his YouTube channel, using the Solo Knit Band + ANNAPRO combo, noting almost no facial pressure, with the pressure shifting to his forehead. His first impression with the ANNAPRO headband was that it didn’t make the Vision Pro feel lighter, but it did relieve pressure on the front of his face and nose bridge, providing a solution for those who dislike facial pressure.


A perfect match for the Apple Vision Pro, this product allows for long-term wear without pressure, enhancing the immersive experience. It effectively reduces 60%-90% of eye and facial pressure, includes two different thicknesses of foam pads to fit various head shapes, and provides a comfortable wearing experience. Made using mold manufacturing, it's easy to install and features a silicone connection that won’t damage the AVP unit, offering an ideal solution for Apple Vision Pro users.


Pressure-Reducing Comfort Head Strap for Apple Vision Pro

ANNAPRO has a presale post on Reddit, and it's gotten a ton of love from users! They think it's the best solution they've seen so far! [Go Reddit Link]


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