Ständer-Schutzhülle für Steam Deck
Ständer-Schutzhülle für Steam Deck
Ständer-Schutzhülle für Steam Deck
Ständer-Schutzhülle für Steam Deck
Ständer-Schutzhülle für Steam Deck
Ständer-Schutzhülle für Steam Deck
Ständer-Schutzhülle für Steam Deck
Ständer-Schutzhülle für Steam Deck
Ständer-Schutzhülle für Steam Deck
Ständer-Schutzhülle für Steam Deck

Ständer-Schutzhülle für Steam Deck

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  • 【Stoßfest und sturzfest】Das stoßfeste und sturzsichere TPU-Material in Militärqualität verfügt über eine hohe Verschleißfestigkeit und Schlagfestigkeit und bietet Rundumschutz für Ihr Gerät.
  • 【Perfekte Ausschnitte】Alle Ausschnitte können perfekt ausgerichtet werden, und jeder Anschluss oder jede Taste wird nicht durch das Gehäuse blockiert.
  • 【Einfache Installation und Entfernung】Das Halbverpackungsdesign erleichtert die Installation und Entfernung.
  • 【Leistungsstarke Wärmeableitung】Die Rückseite der Schutzhülle verfügt über präzise reservierte Wärmeableitungslöcher, sodass Sie sich keine Sorgen um die Wärmeableitung des Hauptgeräts machen müssen.
  • 【Komfortable Bedienung und einfacher Griff】Es behält das beste ergonomische Design der Originalmaschine bei und macht die Steam Deck-Bedienung komfortabler und leichter zu greifen.
  • 【Anti-Rutsch-Design】Das Texturdesign auf beiden Seiten kann auch ein Verrutschen wirksam verhindern und sorgt so für ein besseres Bedienerlebnis und einen besseren Halt.
  • 【Benutzerfreundliches Design】Es bietet einen weicheren und besseren Griff und schützt Ihre Konsole vor täglichen Kollisionen, Stürzen, Kratzern, Staub und Fingerabdrücken.
  • 【Leicht und tragbar】Das schlanke Erscheinungsbild lässt sich problemlos in einer Tasche verstauen und mitnehmen.
  • 【Hochwertiges Material】Im Vergleich zu Silikonmaterial ist die TPU-Schutzhülle flexibel und langlebig.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Chris Nguyen
Great economical priced case and grip, fits most docks

Steamdeck cases are produced in large quantities, which has a few implications. Since it is a straightforward item, quality control is consistently maintained by the manufacturer rather than the seller. As long as you choose a well-designed and properly molded case, you will be satisfied regardless of where or from whom you purchase it. I personally appreciate this particular design because it is slim, easy to fit, has noticeable grip textures, features a kickstand, and can still fit in most mass-produced Steamdeck docks. This time is no exception—I am highly satisfied with the price and features. I would definitely recommend it!

Good case

This case provides excellent protection for the deck. We've had the deck accidentally dropped twice, and thanks to the case, there was no damage whatsoever. The case covers the bottom and sides of the deck, offering solid protection. It does not cover the top, but the included kickstand is very useful if you want to use the deck for watching something. Additionally, taking the deck out of the case is a breeze, as it easily slides out.

It's a case of "you get what you pay for."

In all honesty, it's pretty decent. It gets the job done and even fits snugly inside the original case while being used. The only downside is the stand, which isn't particularly impressive. It folds way too easily, so if you accidentally push it back even slightly, it folds back and the entire thing falls over. On the bright side, the material is good quality, and I can hold it for hours without feeling any discomfort.

Ryan K.
Great quality and snug fit, kick stand very handy

If you're someone who enjoys using the desktop mode for tasks like loading mods, ROMs, and non-Steam games, or even using it as your primary computer with an Anker hub, then this is the perfect accessory for you!

When using it for mobility, it does add a bit of extra bulk, which is something I personally wanted due to having larger hands. The grip is improved, making longer play sessions more comfortable. Additionally, the case fits perfectly without any looseness, and it's easy to remove when I needed to replace my SSD.

One thing to note is that it tends to collect some dust behind it, so I recommend occasionally taking it off and cleaning it out.

Overall, I've owned this accessory for a year now, and it still looks almost new. It has truly enhanced my experience of owning a Steam Deck.

The best cover for Steam Deck.

I have never used the bag that came with my Steam Deck since I got this. It fits perfect in my 2 hubs (just make sure you remove the front first), and I haven't had to remove the back even once since I set it up.

The kickstand is as sturdy as the cover, and it will not move when closed due to the magnet that holds it in place.

In terms of protection, I don't think there are any other cases that can compete with this one.

Very happy with it. All the holes are spot on, perfect fit and match.

Jimmy Cunningham
Love this Stand

Such a perfect set up to keep your headset charger and easily accessible. So happy I bought this charging station. Great product!

Perfecr except one thing

It is good quality but the case makes it slightly uncomfortable to use the L2 and R2 triggers. The fit of the case is too close to the triggers causing your finger to slightly pinch when using the triggers. I am considering returning and purchasing the Spigen case.

Malcol mwidd
Amazing and sturdy but...

It won't work with certain docks. Just have that in account before you buy

Domenico Bettinelli
Won't work with the Dock

It's nice case, and provides a little more grip. The kickstand is useful. The big drawback is that you can't use it with the Dock. It makes the Steam Deck too wide and so it won't then fit in the slot in the Dock.

Great alternative for lower cost

I've been using this dock for the past several days and have not had any issues. Everything has worked as advertised. I use my original Steam Deck charger with it.

lower cost than official
light weight
pass through charging
usb 3.0, HDMI, and ethernet works as advertised
deck fits on dock while having silicon cover on

the material feels cheap
no additional charger like the official dock
no official firmware
no display port
usb ports are tight

Overall it is a great alternative to the Steam Deck Dock from Valve. One of the cons I mentioned was no additional charger, but that is because you are getting this dock at a much lower cost. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't want to drop $100 on a dock but still have most of the features.